The Bryce Klingel Early Childhood Education Foundation provides funding  for early childhood education, therapeutic services and equipment to  families in crisis. Young  children, especially vulnerable to the effects of stress on a family rely on and greatly benefit from consistent routines and time spent in a child centered environment. When  a family’s unforeseen  financial strain  puts their ability to pay for early childhood services at risk, the goal of the foundation is  to provide assistance to help these  families stay connected to their ECE community of support. The Foundation itself was inspired by  a remarkable young child, Bryce Klingel, whose excitement and love for his school, friends , therapists and caregivers  clearly illustrated the  importance of these connections to young children and their families. Bryce was 3 1/2 years old when he  passed away in December 2015 from  complications of NCM. Bryce, his big brother Connor and  their parents were  actively engaged with and supported by their ECE community. These connections proved to be an invaluable source of comfort and positivity during an otherwise difficult  time.